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The blog is back and that means only one thing, my favourite time of the week, Oh How Pinteresting! A weekly update on what I have been pinning.

So this week I’m starting to feel a little abandoned and have been left to fend for myself a 2nd weekend in a row (ok so he’s back tomorrow but still!!) and while in abandonment a girls mind can wander……yes I admit it I have been having a pinterest perv!! So below is my list of guys I def wouldn’t say no too…..(Warning my list is rather long!)


I recently got asked who I would choose between Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Phillippe, I said Ryan Phillippe, Cruel Intentions, need I say more?

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Orlando Bloom….

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Ed Westwick, not really sure but have a mega crush on him!

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His voice is enough to make you melt but still wouldn’t say no!


If you’ve seen The Notebook I think you will definitely agree with this choice, Mr Ryan Gosling

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Kellan Lutz………yum!

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From one twilight hunk to another! I Couldn’t resist this one…….come on who wouldn’t be in love with Edward Cullen (yes I know he isn’t real but sometimes Robert Pattinson just won’t do!)

So this is a shortened down version of my list to check out more vist my pinterest board here
So I know I’m not alone here, what are your thoughts on the guys above? Who would you add to your list?

Happy Saturday Perving (hehe)
Jo xoxo