My Whimsy Ways ethos is ‘what ever floats your boat make it all about you!’

As a girl with my head in the clouds I’m only at the beginning of my dreams. Feeling a little lost with where I wanted to go in life I decided it was time to take charge, for a long time I have always had a passion for events and in the past year have become slightly obsessed with weddings (not sure if this is an age thing?!) Having always wanted to run my own business I finally thought, why not. If I dont take the plunge now I never will, right?

So with a passion for everything to do with wedding & events My Whimsy Ways was born, a blog of all things whimsical and wonderful, created to give to those who are looking for inspiration and personal touches for that very special event. MWW focuses on the creative, making your day your way from the whimsical to the down to earth.

For me this is a chance for potential clients & suppliers to get to know a little bit about me and the way I work before I begin my business adventures.

In the words of a very famous lady;

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

                                       – Coco Chanel

I believe in making your event your way, so keep your head in the clouds and stay true to yourself, make the impossible possible with My Whimsy Ways…..

In My Whimsy Ways you can find:

Inspire Me ~ Inspiration boards, themes and wedding/event ideas

Memoirs of a Bride to Be ~ Follow the ups and downs of a real life bride

Whimsy Wednesdays ~ A look at whimsical and wonderful real weddings and events

Handmade Days ~ DIY your personal touches the Whimsy Way

Sugar & Spice ~ All things nice, Little treats and top tips that add that extra je ne sais qoui from beauty and fashion to decor.

Jo In Wonderland ~ Delve into the whimsical (or not so) world of me

Learn more about me here

I would also like to dedicate this blog to the man in the pub, who said I was “too meek and mild” to ever achieve what I wanted with my life.

This proves him wrong.

Jo xoxo