Real Wedding/Event Submissions

Real Weddings/Events

I would love to feature whimsical & wonderful weddings/events, so I am always on the look out for people who are willing to step forward and share their magical days with me and the whimsies.

Photographer: If you have a wedding, engagement/styled shoot, Trash/Rock the dress shoot, amazing event or handcrafted day you have photographed that you feel is whimsical and wonderful and would fit perfectly with My Whimsy Ways then please get in touch and email me on: with real wedding/event in the title.

Please note: In order for me to decide whether it is whimsy worthy please only send a couple of images to begin with so I can get a feel for the wedding/event.

Ideally the images should be sent in jpeg format. I aim to feature around 30 – 40 images in these posts, if you can send around 60 – 70 images from me to select from that would be great.

If the couple/event planner is happy to go ahead I would like to send them on a little list of questions to explain their day. As well as this I would need all your contact details in order to be credited appropriately.

Bride/Groom or Event planner: If you would like to submit your own wedding/event, the same rules do apply but please please get permission from your photographer beforehand so they can also get credited correctly on the site.

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