It’s that time of month again, the next installment of Chelsea’s wedding planning journey. Today Chelsea is giving us an insight in the planning for after the wedding……thats right, the Honeymoon!!! To catch up on last months post by Chelsea click here.

Warning you may get serious honeymoon/holiday envy!!

Since the beginning of our planning we knew our ‘dream’ honeymoon. For our 21st birthdays (our birthdays are only a week apart) Chris’s parents had taken us to Vegas and California and it was really the trip of a lifetime but with his parents in tow and his 15-year-old sister as well we didn’t feel we really experienced all that Vegas had to offer.


We wanted to return to Vegas as a couple and do a few more shows, have a few lovely dinners and visit a few bars! When I started planning a dream honeymoon I also knew it would include New York, I’m sure any girl who grew up watching ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Friends’ has wanted to visit New York.

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We started getting quotes together and it seemed quite out of our range really, so we started to look at Italy as an alternative but both parents chimed in with their early wedding present, a contribution to our honeymoon, and we were able to book it! Since then I’ve been beyond excited! As we’re asking for honeymoon spending money instead of a gift list I’ve been putting together rough itineraries so that we can sort out what we need and that’s excited me even more. As a total foodie some of the restaurants we plan to eat at are tipping me over the edge, the boy will soon have an obese wife!

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We’ve also planned to visit Washington while in New York, visiting by train. We’re going to use Segway to zoom around Washington as we’re only there for a day. We’ve already booked up a trip to the Grand Canyon as well! I’m so pleased that our honeymoon really will be the holiday of a lifetime 😀


Next time I’ll be speaking stationary!

Chelsea xx

Jealous?! I know I am! Can’t wait for the next post.

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