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Here it is, your Friday treat, the next installment of Chelsea’s wedding planning journey. If you want to catch up on the last post by Chelsea click here. Believe when I say every bit of detail for this wedding will make you swoon!

So today I hand it over to Chelsea…..

Two major things we’ve got sorted out are the rings and the flowers!

I knew that within reason I didn’t care what my wedding ring would look like, when I looked at it all I would see was what it represented, our commitment. Therefore I decided that I wanted us to have identical rings, it was important to me that our choice represented equality.

As I knew that I wanted matching rings it meant that it was always going to be a plain band. I decided to do some research on what kinds of metals to buy. When we started looking at rings in materials such as titanium, tungsten, and zirconium. This is mainly because the metals don’t react with anything so they don’t tarnish at all. I love the idea of a ‘strong’ metal, hopefully like our future marriage! We decided to go with a zirconium ring as we liked the blackish hue.

Our first day ring shopping was unsuccessful as the stockists in Manchester had a very limited stock then we decided to trek over to Stockport as there was a supplier there but they had also stopped stocking the rings. We gave up and returned the next week. This time we headed over to Preston to check out a jewellers there. I have to admit I was in a bit of a bad mood that day as I was tired but I went home very happy! We visited Isis which was a lovely little jewellers, tried on a few rings and walked away with 2 matching zirconium rings, one 3mm (for me) and one 7mm (for the boy). We got them engraved with the wedding date and both our surnames and they’re perfect!

I’m really not a floral person but we got complimentary ceremony florals as part of our venue package. Not being a flower person when we went in there I felt I was kind of told what I was having rather than being asked, I didn’t really have a clue. We were asked what our bridesmaids were carrying and I said I wasn’t really sure and she proposed some bridesmaids bouquets. We are having gypsophilia which will match the bridesmaids dresses (when they’re brought!) which will surround a single Norma jean rose. I like the set up, the gypsophilia is fun while the rose is classic.

                   Norma Jean


Next time I’ll be telling you about our honeymoon!”

Chelsea x

Hope you all enjoyed; I love the name of the rose ‘Norma Jean’! If you are a Bride to Be and would like to include your ‘Memoirs’ please get in touch either by twitter @mywhimsyways or just email me mywhimsyways@yahoo.com

Happy Friday

Jo xoxo