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So today your post is coming again from the lovely Chelsea. Last time Chelsea gave us an insight into her wedding day outfit which I cannot wait to see and we have already got to see the favours for the guests which caused a little bit of controversy but today she is sharing her guest list stresses with us….

Our guest list has been a hassle, although I can’t imagine it’s ever easy for anyone planning a wedding. When we first got engaged we wanted a small intimate wedding, about 50 people, and that also allowed us to fund the wedding ourselves. We drew up the guest list which consisted mostly of family and a few close friends and were happy…until the parents saw it. My partner’s parents are part of a large group of married couples and wanted them all there, and then once my parents found out the guest list was being expanded handed over a list of family friends they also wanted. There was a point when we looked at the guest list and realised our parents had more friends at our own wedding than we did. Of course we then added more which took our guest list up to 60 in the day and 110 in the evening, quite a change from the original 50!

I didn’t mind too much, I just tried to compromise. For example we are still having the intimate meal and ceremony that we want and taking a ‘the more the merrier’ approach in the evening and I also managed to blackmail the parents with a ‘if you have your say in this you have to agree to let me get on with everything else myself’ which is working quite wonderfully!

The big downside of this was the effect it had on the budget. I’ve always been quite an independent person and liked to work for everything myself, I pride myself on not having to rely on others for money, so paying for my own wedding was something that was important to me…originally. From about September last year until recently my work was very unreliable and I was struggling financially, I was worrying how I was going to eat let alone pay for a wedding, so when both sets of parents offered a financial contribution…I bit their hand off!

I have to admit that for a while the wedding planning was getting to me a bit, nothing could be enjoyed because it was all a bit ‘well how the hell am I paying for this?!’ but now the pressure is off I’m back to loving it…and I’ve got a new job meaning maybe I’ll be able to afford those few extras after all 😀 hehe!

Next month I’ll be talking about decorations!

Chelsea xx

Are you having guest list stresses too? Or finding that the amount of guests really affects your budget? Let us know your thoughts!

Jo xoxo