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I recently watched The Hunger Games and I’ll admit its my new obsession (currently reading my way through the first book) and its got me thinking about how to fit this into events, and well it would be a perfect theme for the corporate sector.

However before getting chance to have a good think about how I would use this theme for an event I came across Hint Hunt

Across from St Pancras station in London, it is a 60 min game designed for small groups of people (2 – 5). In one room your team is given a set of different tasks and mysteries with the object of leaving the room before the time is up.

At Ā£53 per team it really is a bargain and if you fancy yourself to be quite the detective then you have no excuse!!

It really would be a fantastic team building exercise, why not challenge different teams of 5 to see can escape the quickest…..if they escape at all that is!

Think you can escape in time?!

Jo xoxo