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On this week’s Oh How Pinteresting I have decided to let you in on a little secret!

I really want to open a vintage tea room with a vintage clothes boutique inside. I love the idea of creating a space where not only can you buy an amazing outfit but also have a cool place to hang out at the same time!! I am literally bursting with ideas for this dream that its making me a little tea shop crazy!!
My pins belows are just some examples of my vision…..

Source: m0rtality.tumblr.com via Jo on Pinterest

I love this tea room shop sign! It’s so quirky and instantly draws me in….

Source: behance.net via Jo on Pinterest

These table light chandeliers would look stunning around the boutique/tea room. The just scream vintage and I love everything about them!

Source: whimsybyvictoria.com via Jo on Pinterest

I love how this shop windown is adorned with vintage keys and bottles and modern dress. It’s a stunning shop window and like the sign it draws me in straight away…

Source: e-magdeco.com via Jo on Pinterest

This is the kind of feel I would want my seating areas to look. I like the use of the day bed with vintage inspired throws and cushions on top!

Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest


This has to be one of my fave pins, I would love to know where this shop is. I love the chairs outside with all the shoes surrounding them. It looks like a shop you could get lost in for hours discovering all sorts of vintage dresses and little knick knacks.

So this is my secret love at the moment and something I would really like to do…..one day! I will be updating my tea room dream regulary so why not give it a little follow….
What’s you little secret or passion?

Jo xoxo