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Morning Whimsies, I am handing it over to Chelsea today for her fourth post and its all about the outfit (YEY). Last time we got an insight into the favours which is causing a slight bit of controversy so why not catch up here. So here’s Chelsea….

Getting my outfit together has been one of my favourite things about the whole wedding. It’s really allowed me to imagine myself in my wedding and I absolutely love my dress. I am keeping a few things under wraps however I can reveal it’s vintage and not white. I happened upon my dress almost accidentally, or at least prematurely. An engaged friend of mine and me decided to go wedding dress shopping ‘just to get a taster’ of dresses. We thought vintage was the way to go as it would offer a wider variety of styles and we both had pretty different tastes to one another. We spent a whole day trying on dresses and while enjoyable it was unsuccessful…until our last visit to Heavenly Vintage brides.

Me trying on dresses. Photo Credit: Chelsea's Own

I picked out sooo many dresses to try on but it happened…THE dress. I never really believed in that moment but it happened. I didn’t cry but my face hurt from how much I smiled and my IQ seemed to drop several points as I kept repeating ‘its just so…lovely. It’s so….lovely’ over and over again. Just two days later my Mum was dragged to London and we brought the dress. My dad’s face when he saw me in it totally confirmed that it was ‘the one’.

For my birthday last year I was brought some Vivienne Westwood shoes by the fiancée which have been stored away for the wedding. I am the type for whom the higher the heel, the better and I’m a pretty hardy heel wearer if I do say so myself but I decided to go for a sensible size heel and these are perfect. They’re just so adorable and they smell like bubblegum…although who’s smelling my shoes I’m not quite sure.

Hairbands are my thing, I’ve always worn them and from the very beginning of the planning I knew I wouldn’t be an updo veil type of bride, for me its wild curls and a cute hair band. Some brides have an evening dress or evening shoes, for me it’s an evening hair band. I have a beautiful pearl tiara from Ivory and Co for the day and then a big blue bow from Janine Basil for the evening, it’s very me!

My Day Headband from Ivory & Co

I also have my bouquet sorted already as I decided to go for a felt one from Jennifer Rae. I ordered it before my dress so I was nervous about it matching but it goes well. It’s all kinds of gorgeous pastels and includes some very cute vintage buttons and a sparkly brooch. My dad and I have already been practising walking down the aisle holding my bouquet haha. We’re wedding nerds.

The bouquet

I even have my handbag. I fell in love with an Alexander McQueen clutch however I wasn’t sure £1395 was something I was going to be able to slip by in the wedding budget (even though totally worth it right?!) so I got onto Ebay and brought myself a cute little clutch for just £20. I suppose Alexander will just have to wait for now…

Alexander McQueen Dream Handbag

I’ve given some thought to my jewellery and I plan to keep it very simple. No earrings as my hair will be down but I also have odd ears. One sticks out while one is fine. This is a problem only exaggerated by earrings so I tend to steer away haha. I have a cute little flump bracelet (follows the pastel theme) which I plan to wear and a small crystal necklace given to me by my late Nan but the dress does feature a brooch (ooo another little clue for you there) so it really doesn’t need any jewellery.

I’m pretty much done with my outfit now, with the exception of underwear which frankly I’m dreading. Aside from being boring and usually a nightmare to buy at the best of times I don’t really know what to go for. Do I want to be nipped and sucked or sexy minx? Hmm do spanx come in lace haha.

Next month guest list dilemmas, there can’t be one bride that doesn’t have this problem!

Chelsea xx

How amazing are them shoes!! Hope you have all enjoyed the post as much as me

Jo xoxo