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It’s back to Chelsea today with her memoirs, last time we got a cheeky peek of her engagement shoot but today it’s all about favours…..

Wedding favours weren’t really something I considered for a long time. We’re rather budget strapped and when looking at what kind of things were less important favours were one of the things to be dismissed. Yes if we had a limitless budget I would go all out but when our budget is going to feeding our guests and generally making sure they have a great time I think they should be happy without! Then while Christmas shopping in December I saw the cutest little gift bags at the till, they contained a poem and general bits in, I brought some for little stocking fillers but it got me thinking ‘hmm these would be rather cheap to produce myself’. I decided to do a bit of digging around and found I could make 100 for about £20, that’s my kind of wedding favour!

At each place setting on our tables will sit a little organza bag which I purchased from Ebay. The bag will contain some card with a printed poem:

We all have those days when we feel a bit blue,

But this bag contains things to help see you through,

An eraser to rub out mistakes with one swipe,

A candle to light up the gloomiest night,

Cash when you feel that your backs to the wall,

A marble to make sure you don’t lose them all,

String to stop everything falling apart,

And a hug full of warmth that comes straight from the heart.

– EmbeeTartans.com

I brought the marbles and candles from Ebay, I got the carnival tickets from an Etsy shop called Wrapworks and our pot that we save 1p’s in came in very handy! I’ve actually got some really cute little pastel fruit rubbers now instead of the white ones!

I don’t think in the grand scheme of things favours are important, I know that a lot of guests won’t take the favours home but if it’s something that you like and something that you enjoyed making (like I did these) then why the hell not!

I do love to hear about other brides favours, these days they can be anything so it can really show a couples individuality.

Next time I will be discussing my outfit! It’s all completed 😀

Chelsea xx

How cute are these favours! What are your thoughts on them, yes or no and what would you give to your guests? Plus I can’t wait for the next memoirs from Chelsea my favorite part is the outfit!!

Jo xoxo