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I must apologise this post was meant for yesterday but I didn’t get chance and wasn’t home until 11pm (far too late on a ‘school’ night!) so yesterday it was a sunny day…promise!

It is a nice day (I think we can conclude on the fact I love sunny days!) and ‘White Wedding’ by Billy idol keeps playing on the radio, it is very much stuck in my head at the moment! So here is some White Wedding inspiration for you on this lovely sunny day……

I have never been a fan of the thought of an all white wedding but searching through pictures upon pictures of white wedding there is something I feel that is quite romantic and whimsical about this colour scheme.

Source: oncewed.com via Jo on Pinterest


I adore this picture and find there is something so romantic about the white flowers in the bright white vases perfect if your wanting to achieve a classic vibe.


In complete contrast I love this white outdoor table setting – the flower decorations really stand out. If your having a white wedding why not have another colour to contrast against the white and really make this pop?!

Source: 100layercake.com via Jo on Pinterest


I find this table setting extremely whimsically white. I love how even the food is matching the colour scheme. This would be fantastic as a dessert table. I especially love the cake topper!


I couldn’t end this post without the song now could i?!

Its a nice day for a White Wedding, what are your thoughts on an all white wedding?!

Jo xoxo