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Morning Whimisies, here is the next installment of Miss LL’s memoirs. Last time we got an insight into the venue, the photographer and the dress. Today Miss LL shares with us two more parts to the day & attire she has secured……prepare to be excited!!

The hair sparkle

I’d been browsing online at some of the lovely hairband designs by Connie and Dolly

Photo Credit: Miss LL

Poppy Rogers takes vintage materials and recreates them into beautiful hair adornments. I got to see the designs for real at the Miss Vintage Wedding Affair show with one of my bridesmaids  – there are some beautiful pictures of Poppy’s stand in this post by Sara at Under the vintage veil.   The top three that I loved, but didn’t buy were Lottie, Zsa and Lucielle.




We must have spent at least 45 mins umming and ahhing about the choosing between these three. Then, I spotted Harmony (no picture online) perching on her own on top of the vanity mirror.  I tried it on for fun as it was completely different to the other ones. And that was it – perfect.  Suddenly it had thrown the rest of the competition out of the water!   Poppy kindly changed the silver ribbon to black to blend into my hair better.  I received it in the post recentlyand am ridiculously excited now. 

Photo Credit: Miss LL

I do hope it goes well with my wedding dress! All I’m going to say is that it features a 1950s aurora borealis brooch purchased by Poppy in New York


The Wedding Reporter

Photo Credit: Ali Lovegrove Photography

It took me ages , and I mean ages to get this supplier, but I did it!  I stumbled upon the idea of a literacy legacy by Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter early on when I got engaged.   Mr LL thought it was a waste of money and just didn’t get it. At first, it didn’t feel that strongly to kick up a fuss, but my obsession just kept growing.   In the end he agreed. So what’s the deal? 

Photo Credit: Ali lovegrove Photography

Emma comes to our wedding day, makes notes and then writes a beautiful memoir of our day. We then have the choice to from the turn the report into a hardback book and treasure the true story forever.  

Photo Credit: Ali Lovegrove Photography

Miss LL xxx

How amazing does a story of your day to keep forever sound?! Also Miss LL is definitely keeping her wedding look under wraps and I can’t wait to see how she will look on her day! Until next time.
Jo xoxo