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A little shout out for the sunshine today *yey* can’t wait for those summer days & nights, the thought of them is getting me all a quiver hehe this nicely brings me onto my inspiration today (an event perfect for a summer’s day/evening/night!)

Ever Since I saw the ‘Wedding Planner’ (yes the cheesy chick flick with J.Lo) there was one part of the film I really fell in love with, the scene where they attended an outdoor film showing.

Since that moment it is something I have wanted to host an outdoor film viewing, unfortunately at the moment I don’t have a garden big enough but here some outdoor film inspiration for you…

Source: stylemepretty.com via Jo on Pinterest


Some pretty hanging lighting such as these paper lanterns would really set the tone!

Source: ohparty.net via Jo on Pinterest


I love the thought of mismatched cushions, blankets and even deck chairs to add a charismatic vintage twist to the night.


You don’t need to go all out as long as you have a large white sheet 7 a projector the rest is up to you!

And a film night would be complete without popcorn right?! If you’re hosting a large event why not get in a company like ‘Love Da Popcorn’

The come and sell an array of popcorn flavors.Simples.Yummy Simples!

If you’re doing this on a large-scale or for charity why not post of recycling sites to see if you can get hold of different blankets/cushions/deck chairs anything you can use as seating – you can always give the option of bring your own but you could always earn a few extra bob and ‘rent-a-rug’ (this is not intended to sound rude!) to cover projection costs or raise that little extra for the charity fund!


For that extra twist you could always have a theme as well like Grease or Rocky Horror Show…..Who knows you may get a few fancy dressers but certainly some singing & dancing!!


I just love the thought of this on a summer’s evening, back garden or village green…..Perfect!!

Jo xoxo