In the words of Beyonce “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it…”

I love rings, massive fan of chunky rings, quirky rings, bling rings I just love them so today I bring to you from Pinterest some ringspirations….

Im starting with this Elephant Ring simply because as soon as I saw it I was in love! Unfortunately I can’t find it on etsy now but if anyone knows where to get these from please let me know!

Source: etsy.com via Jo on Pinterest


I also extremely adore this Frog ring from Abilu Creations


I just love almost every ring on these hands esp the deer one how big are them antlers!!

Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest


I love the colours of these rings and how well they coordinate its a good excuse to wear more than one!


Can I have this jewellery box please??????

Source: tumblr.com via Jo on Pinterest


How from is this ring, its so quirky & gaga-esque again from the fab Abilu Creations


Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest


One of my fave sites for rings is Rock n Rose they are all amaze so if you love a bit of jewellery in your life check them out!

Ringspiration on Pinterest ~ Hope you enjoyed!

Jo xoxo