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Tonight I am finally off to the cinema to see ‘The Woman in Black’ after seeing this at the theatre I can not wait to scream my head off, much to my boyf’s delight I’m sure! So in honor of this I’m bringing you some ‘Black’ wedding inspiration….

Ok so I know BLACK isn’t really the first colour that comes into mind when thinking of your wedding colour scheme but at least give it a thought. Black can really make this a classy event if that is what you’re aiming for it can also really emphasise any of the other colours in your scheme.

I love the stark contrast between black and white with the flowers…


You can buy the cake stand from below via etsy but I just love the bunting in the background

Source: etsy.com via Jo on Pinterest


And I couldn’t finish this post without a woman in black……

Source: triadweddings.com via Jo on Pinterest


I have to admit I have been a bit of a grump today, you could say a ‘black’ mood (geddit?!) and I really don’t have a clue why but this song has been cheering me up but before I share it let’s set the scene…..white sandy beach with beautiful clean green/blue sea, cocktails galore, the sun shining down on you, a dj and crazy dancing….

The Wedding in Black on Pinterest

Jo xoxo