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On Tuesday I attended an extremely emotional and heartfelt funeral and I hope that I never have to attend one like this again. The service was extremely beautiful, the words and poems chosen where incredibly moving but what got me most of all were the three chosen songs. Songs I haven’t really had much time for but now will always listen to these songs from a very different perspective, with emotion and a memory from the day.

This got me thinking about music at weddings and the all important first song, is it the lyrics or the music that is most important?!

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Ok so I know I’m not getting married now but if I was there would definitely be a strong theme of music running through (I would possibly have to go Kate Moss on you and have a festival!) as we both love gigs and music but our tastes are at completely different ends of the spectrum! There would definitely be an argument about the first song and to be quite frank I wouldn’t know where to begin with choosing something suitable for us but I’m sure it would involve hours upon hours of trawling through lyrics as (for me anyways) it’s the words that mean the most. 

What are your thoughts on this? Was your wedding song chosen because it sang about love or was it a completely random song that means something to the both of you?!


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Jo xoxo