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For all you loved up lovelies, here is part two of Miss LL’s Memoirs and what she has conquered so far in her wedding planning adventure. We have been introduced to the venue, the photographer & the coordinator, we also have the date but I saved the best for today! The rings, The Dresses & The shoes. Word of warning there is a lot of pretty coming up…..

As you saw in the first part I have so far sorted the Venue, Photographer and also a Wedding Day Coordinator, with the date set for November I have also sorted out a few other things….

The Rings

I am lucky enough to have two engagement rings, the first, a yellow gold aquamarine and brilliant cut diamond ring that we chose together from Cool Diamonds in Hatton Gardens

Secondly a vintage platinum and white gold trilogy diamond ring that used to belong to his great-grandmother, from the 1900s. I didn’t realise I was going to receive this as a gift, and I feel very honoured and special to wear it.

Shopping was quite stressful and I’d recommend that any bride to be that is allowed to choose her own rock to shop around and not feel pressured into buying anything she doesn’t want. We went to lots of places including vintage dealers as I originally wanted a vintage ring. Nothing we saw was quite right though. I also wanted a coloured stone, like sapphire or emerald. Mr LL wasn’t into these bright colours, so we settled on aquamarine. We’d shortlisted quite a few rings, but something always stopped us from following through with the sale.  Then, we saw THE ring we bought and literally snapped it up there and then, even though it was more expensive than the others. But when you know, you know!   

I accompanied a friend to Hatton Gardens a few weeks ago to help her find an engagement ring, and I had a look for wedding bands for myself. I think I know what I want, but it will have to be custom-made. I am also in two minds about foregoing the wedding band altogether as I already feel cheeky about having two rings…

The Bridesmaids

I have four bridesmaids – my two sisters and two dear friends. They are going to be in mis-matched dresses and I have left the choice to them and asked them to coordinate with each other. They are all different shapes and sizes and I want them to be comfortable and wear the dresses again.  I don’t have a colour scheme (naughty bride!!) but I’m now guessing that it will be dictated by the colour of the bridesmaids dresses.  My youngest sister has her dress, also from Heavenly Vintage Brides, it’s a super gorgeous blush pink original 1950s lace and silk tea dress.  The other maids have ideas, but not committed to anything yet. If they choose different colours, I plan to bring it all together with the flowers.


Mismatched Floral Bridesmaids via Fifties Wedding blog


I’ve decided not to buy new shoes as I already have a nice pair that I wore only once to my best friend’s wedding in 2010. They were from Karen Millen via ASOS. They have huge heels which is a must as I’m only 4’10”. I hadn’t really considered them for my wedding and had always assumed I’d get some Choos or Louboutins, but I took them with me to try on my dresses and they just worked.  Plus they’re a pinky colour and co-ordinate really well with my sister’s bridesmaid dress. The lace on them gives them a vintage, feminine and pretty feel. 

The Dress

Finally the most important of them all! I have detailed my wedding dress search in this post on my blog.

Since we’re not having any religious element to our wedding, I didn’t wanted to wear Indian traditional dress. I will however have henna tattoos on my hands on feet.  When it came to choosing my dress, I knew I wanted a vintage wedding dress. I love the idea that a bride of yesteryear has walked down the aisle in the same gown, with possibly the same hopes and dreams as me. I visited a few places, but eventually settled on a dress from Heavenly Vintage Brides. The owner, Helena has a vast array of really well looked after gowns.  It was really hard to find ‘the one’ as I felt bridal in nearly everything I tried on.  I was really indecisive and went to see Helena four times before making my choice. Here’s some pictures of the some gowns I tried on and shortlisted:

1950s dress, photo from Heavenly Vintage Brides, headpiece Cherished Vintage

1970s dress from Heavenly Vintage Brides, headpiece Cherished Vintage

1940s dress from Heavenly Vintage Brides, headpiece Cherished Vintage

The dress I settled on is an original 1940s dress. I seriously cannot put on anymore weight now! But I’m keeping the dress underwraps for now.

Even with all this so far I still have a million and one things to do!!!! Flowers, cake, makeup, hair, favours, underwear, honeymoon, nails, veil, hairpiece, henna party, henna party outfit, three more bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaids accessories, groom and ushers attire… I really could go on and on…

Miss LL xx

How stunning is the 1940’s dress at the bottom, I’ll definitely be visiting Heavenly Vintage Brides if I get married!! You can read more on Miss LL here. Hope you all enjoyed part two! I can’t wait to jump on board this planning journey.

Happy Valentines Whimisies

Jo xoxo