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While watching ‘Take me out’ this week I think I fell a little bit in love with (please dont tell the boyf!) Jake Allen or Elvis Guy as you may remember him by. I’m not quite sure what it was about him but I definately swooned and so I have a bit of a secret passion which I am going to share with you all…..

LOVE the rockabilly/50’s style and everything that goes with it. However I’m not quite sure I’m someone that could pull this look off (as much as I would love to!) & must admit I get a teeny bit jealous when I see someone (excuse the pun) rocking the rockabilly look.

So I have decided to dedicate this weeks edition of Oh How Pinteresting to everything Rockabilly!

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When you look at the style its quite simple really, you just need to embrace spots & stripes, teacup dresses, bright colours especially red & retro curls……well if your a girl anyway!

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A style board above to help you get some rockabilly inspiration, but check the look out in action…note that there are different rockabilly styles, nautical, vintage etc

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It wasn’t just rockabilly style but rockabilly weddings that are rocking pinterest…I love the feel and the use of colours in these weddings!


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But it doesn’t just stop at the way you dress…Oh no look at these cakes, invites and toppers for rockabilly decor inspiration!

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And last but not least one of my favorite pins of them all….

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