Apologies in advance, I know I’ve gone major pastel overboard this week but you can’t help what you love, right? Well I’m hoping this weeks Oh How Pinteresting won’t disappoint! Loaded with pastel colours yet complete prettiness.

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Actually found this 1950’s Strapless tiered lace tulle rhinestones circle skirt party Prom Wedding Dress while researching the 1960’s. It is by Vintage Vortex and oh what a wonderful wedding dress it is, officially in love!


This is a pleated wedding cake – I love the colour and how the use of pleated paper adds another dimension to the cake – far too pretty to eat!


I love the colour of these milkshakes and the grey of the straws just makes them come alive. Two contrasting yet beautiful once together. Amazing for a drinks reception…maybe turn them into cheeky milkshakes (if you get my drift!)

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This table setting is just stunning, I love the greeny/blue vintage plates with the pink ribbon over the top, it would be a nice inexpensive way to decorate your table. Complete vintage pastel prettiness.

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The colour of the cake and stand are gorgeous into almost looks like it blends into one. The cake stand is just wonderful and make me think of days gone by. Its by Elizabeth Messina. Wonderful.

Here a few other Pinteresting pastel things I love:


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