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I love Alice in Wonderland and when I was little I always wished I could go into the magical wonderland (although I think I would try to avoid the queen of hearts) I admit that yes even though I am 25 I have this on DVD both the animated and film version and currently reading the book!

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Last week I did a guest post on Wedding Photography Select on an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding inspiration which you can see here

This then got me thinking about how you could then apply this inspiration to events and my imagination went wild. Concentrating on the Mad Hatters tea party I thought this would be ideal for a networking or charity event. I mean who could say no to tea & cake?!


If using this idea as a networking party it may be best to get a company in to help. There are so many of them out there far too many to choose from but I thought that this company Baking Love are perfect esp for those smaller companies or those who are starting out.


For £20 a head who can go wrong, it’s very affordable and being the cupcake lover I am who can resist, plus it takes a whole lot of stress away so you can concentrate on being host! It’s a wonderful package with a lot included for the price and definitely one I am keeping in mind for any future events!


But if you like being in control why not just hire the crockery for the event, there are so many companies around that offer this service, such as Magpie Crockery, they have such an amazing collection of vintage crockery & accessories. They can also supply vintage games such as croquet, which fits perfectly for any Mad Hatter tea party.


Have your guests crafting & creating their own hats! Buy some cheap plain hats get some glue, fabric, glitter, ribbons etc and get creative.

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However if it for a charity event you may want to do things a little differently especially as you’re trying to make money from the event, so keeping outgoing costs down to a minimum is a must. Why not try & find vintage crockery and china cheaply from car boot sales and markets then why not donate them to a charity shop afterwards?

Make your own treats and get someone to make some delicious ‘Queen of Hearts’ jam tarts like these ones below?


Or get more creative with something like these ‘pops’


To raise more money for your chosen charity you may want to add extra activities, so why not action off some of your decor such as items like these:

This gorgeous cake stand would look amazing at your tea party table but I’m sure there would be a bidding war over it. Available to buy from Etsy store High Tea For Alice.


I love this concept the whole book on one picture available from Not On The Highstreet, it’s not too pricey so I’m positive you can raise a whole lotta money!


Why not make your star attraction a stunning hat from Hatastic? I love this Sweetie Bow headpiece from the new Candy Collection!


If your like me and love the little details make sure you add things like this:



Source: etsy.com via Jo on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Jo on Pinterest


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Jo xoxo