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Pinterest is addictive. Fact. So much so that I’m giving Pinterest its own little feature on My Whimsy Ways……. Oh How Pinteresting!

I am no flower expert but I love flowers and how they can create different vibes to events & weddings so this week on Pinterest I have been looking for different ways to used flowers & colours these are my favorite pins that I found:

I’m not sure what flowers have been used here but I love the way they have been arranged in a rainbow type style ~ this is simply stunning and would suit any colours!


Roses no matter which colour or type are just classic and I always feel like you could never go wrong when it comes to a rose. This roses are beautiful but what I love the most is the cute flasks they have been put it ~ a good & cheap way to display your flowers and just fantastically quirky!

Source: flickr.com via Jo on Pinterest



Who needs fresh flowers when you can have these amazing paper ones! Enough said, the picture speaks for itself!



If you can’t afford fresh flowers to decor your day why not try make your own and upcycle your t-shirts, esp great if you’re having a ‘green’ wedding!



There are just far too many to choose from but I am in love with these three!

Source: weddingowner.com via Jo on Pinterest



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Jo xoxo