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So in my post last week I let you in on my experience of depression. This week I wanted to share with you one of my fun times in that dark period. Before I go on I must apologise because I don’t remember much from back then and I really don’t remember many happy moments except this one!

I’m not really sure what came over me one day but I was fed up of being depressed and stuck in the house with nothing to do. I love music but sometimes trying to find a good loud happy song can be hard to come by especially when all you can dwell on is self destruction. Pondering around I came across YMCA, now don’t ask me why I had this on cd or where this cd came from because I have absolutely no clue and couldn’t tell you where this cd is right now. But on seeing this I had the biggest urge to just put it on and play it as loud as I could, so I did………and I finally let go, I just danced away my blues and sang at the top of my voice. At that moment I felt so incredibly happy and exhilarated. At this time this feeling was extremely rare, so I put in on repeat until I tired myself out.

From that moment on YMCA was my happy song and still is, always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and remember that one moment in time. The singing and the dancing helped me so much, it was the one time I just truly let go and forgot about the world.



Because of the amazing response I got last week from my post it got me thinking that I would like to give something back and help those who are going through similar experiences. So I have come up with a plan………. I am going to put on a fundraising zumba night for mind, an excellent charity that is helping those with mental illness and also helping to raise awareness and stamp out the stigmata behind them.

For me dancing was the key to let off some steam so as they say about helping the body mind and soul, this hits the nail on the head with all three. I will keep you up to date with how I get on. But if there are any zumba teachers reading this based in the Hertfordshire area that would like to get involved please get in touch at mywhimsyways@yahoo.com

This week the most heartbreaking tragedy has happened in my bf’s family and more than ever it has made me realise how short life can really be so In a previous post about my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30, I decided to was time to make a move with it and I said I wanted to do a 10k run, so I have decided to enter the Great Manchester Run on the 20th May to raise more money for mind. Training starts next week (eek)! By May this will definitely be two things crossed off my list!

So that’s what’s been happening this week in my little world of me.

Wanna join me on my run?

Jo xoxo