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I’m at an awkward age where I’m panicking because I’m 5 years (ok 4 and a half to be precise) off being 30!! So I have decided to set myself some challenges, some silly, some to test myself….you get the picture!

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One of my worst fears in life is getting old but it’s also one thing I can count on happening. It’s not really the thought of how I will look (ok maybe it is a smidgen) but more the fact that I’m feeling more & more that I’m not achieving what I want with my life and I feel that I’m running out of time!

With that said I decided to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30 and I wanted to share my list (so far) with you……here goes:

  1. Read all 7 Harry Potter books (Got to 5 so far)
  2. Travel around South East Asia visiting Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos(possibly Bali)
  3. Driving tour from one end of North America to the other.
  4. Finish my degree
  5. **********
  6. Organise a wedding
  7. Organise a charity Event
  8. Run at a 10k Event
  9. Buy a car
  10. Become confident in driving
  11. Do a makeup/nail course
  12. Become financially stable – Clear my overdraft!
  13. Get one more tattoo
  14. ********
  15. Buy a pair of Christian Loboutin’s
  16. Fashion Design short course
  17. Learn Spanish
  18. Go on every rollercoaster in UK
  19. Go to a music festival
  20. Learn to Knit

Two I’ve hidden because they are a bit too personal & I don’t want anyone to realise how crazy I actually am. Also yes some rather ambitious but I’m determined to do them all.

However I have come to a halt at 20 and really can’t seem to think of anything else to add to the list at the moment so would really appreciate some suggestions as to what the other 10 can be, I want your silly & serious suggestions!!

I will keep you upto date with how I’m whittling the list down……I’m already starting to feel the pressure (hehe). What would you add to your list?

Jo xoxo