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Ask me Ask me

Every fortnight you will see ‘Betsy Asks’ pop up and this where Betsy asks you the whimsy ways reader a wedding or event related question.

It is also a chance for you to ask your own burning questions whether you want inspiration for a wedding/event theme or you have a theme and got stuck on ideas or need an idea for a certain event or simple etiquette just ‘Ask Betsy’ either by the comment box below, through twitter, Facebook or email mywhimsyways@yahoo.com with ‘Ask Betsy’ in the title and I will post your answer.

Or maybe you just have a random question you’d like to ask away and I will answer (or try my best)

So I’ll start this off for you and ask you a question 1st:

How was you proposed to or how did you propose if you have?

So whimsies let’s get chatting…..

Jo xoxo