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Here’s the Second part of Chelsea’s Memoirs of a Bride to be. Here she talks about what else she has booked so far for her 2013 wedding to fiance Chris.

So again I’ll hand it over to Chelsea…..


We also have the photographer sorted, the lovely Lucy Turnbull. I love my photography and was delighted to find Lucy, her photos rock and she is so lovely. We’ve met her and her husband, Chris, who came along as a second shooter during our engagement shoot. We really wanted our engagement shoot pictures for the wedding website we are planning on setting up but unfortunately my Nan died the night of the shoot and I can’t really look at the photos now without remembering that night, next week we are having a shoot with Lisa Brown that we won so they will most likely be the pictures we now use on the website. We will be having a photo booth at the wedding as well & I know they’ve been ‘done’ a lot in blog world but I know none of our guests would have seen one before.


Last year Chris and I went to a wicked wedding which featured a live band. Happiness is seeing an old lady dancing along to Sex pistols. It didn’t matter what the music was, the atmosphere was just so good! It made me absolutely sure we wanted a rock band for our wedding, there were a few family members that were unsure but I was so excited when we booked The Indie Killers, with references from the Killers and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers what could be better?


Our cakes are also sorted! A friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers, Almas, who made cake pops, something I’m quite obsessed with! We went to her house and she gave us some very yummy tastings and showed me some pictures of some past pops she had tried. When I saw some teddy bear pictures I wondered if she could try to make some skull pops, well she tried, I loved them, I booked her! My mum will also be making a big Victoria sponge for us all us, with lots of cream.

Next month we would have had our engagement shoot (take two) and have a few more bits and bobs done. Look forward to writing about it!

I love how organised Chelsea is and all the little details going into her wedding. Next time Chelsea will let us in on her engagement shoot and how she surprised her bridal party!

I’m still looking to feature other brides to be and their planning journeys just email me mywhimsyways@yahoo.com I don’t bite…promise!

Jo xoxo