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Hello Whimsies, how are we today??

So I got the idea for this post a while ago and yesterday I came across an article on wedding trends for 2012 and apparently feathers are a must have accessory this year, so here is my take on the feather!

‘Birds of a feather flock together’

The inspiration for this post came from watching (or being made to watch, I wasnt a fan at first but I definitely am now) David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ there was one episode that featured all these different types of birds that rarely get seen and I was astounded by all the colours and the amazing displays they put on to get themselves a mate. If your like me then you’ll love a bit of colour!

I’m starting with the venue, I always find that my inspiration comes after finding the venue, that way you know what works with the space you’ve got.

I came across two incredible venues which fit the theme perfectly. Firstly Tythe Barn in Oxfordshire, I think the image speaks for itself & the gallery on their website definitely gets the juices flowing

Another venue I came across was Forever Green in Nottinghamshire, what grabbed my attention with this venue was the amazing panoramic windows that overlook the woodland & life, it reminded me of an english ‘rainforest’ also a venue perfect for any ‘green’ wedding.  





Let your imagination run wild with vibrant colours, decor & all those things in-between! Just think rainforest, peacock, owls and more and the inspiration will just flow……

Whether you go for a feather motif throughout the wedding or simply inspiration from the magical colours get flown away with birds of a feather inspirations….. 

All the images can be seen on the birds of a feather board & I constantly update these when something catches my eye so keep checking for updates! (All the images are linked back to their rightful owners, click on them once in Pinterest and you’ll be able to find their home.)

I absolutely adore the green peacock dress & I love the colours of tropical birds. I hope these pictures have given you some much needed inspiration!

What ruffles your feathers?

Jo xoxo