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Well this is it, here goes……..My first Official blog post!! So I thought it was only fitting that I started with what I know best ME! (You will see that I’m very exclamation happy)

So a BIG Hello Whimsies!

Well where can I start about me; I’m your typical girly girl, I’m 25 grew up & lived in Yorkshire until just over a year ago and now live in the cute little village of Potten End and my accent stands out like a sore thumb!  I moved down here to work for an event construction company and to be with the boy and I must say I love it.

I’m, or I should really say ‘was’ a natural blonde and yeah I do sometimes display the typical characteristics that comes along with the tag but hey so what I’m proud of it. I can be a little ditzy at times and often away with the fairies but I work hard for what I’ve got and always strive to achieve more.

So what makes me tick; I have quite a few great loves in my life; obviously my main ones being my family & friends who I love to bits and wouldn’t be the person I am without them!

My amazing boy ♥, who puts up with me no matter what. I love him millions, he always knows how to pick me up when I’m down. He’s not just my other half he is also my best friend. He loves to clean, I love to be messy. He loves Stone Roses, I love to blast out Beyoncé. You could say we are ying&yang, chalk&cheese but for us it works and to be honest……I’m just glad I’ve found someone as silly as me!

And then there’s Betsy (I could talk about this cat all day long) she is my little sidekick, she loves food (a little too much the fatty!) a good snuggle with me but also loves bringing mice & birds in the house much to my horror! According to the boy we have a weird relationship but I just think he jealous! I love her that much I’ve even given her a (Sort of) section on the blog (ok I know what your thinking and yes crazy) so watch this space.

I’m an absolute geek when it comes to films, other than planning I think my ideal job would be to review films so I could watch them all day long & you’ll find as the blog develops a lot of my inspiration comes from different films. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a complete and utter Twilight & Harry Potter geek, but one film I absolutely adore is the Labyrinth, oh how I always wanted to be Sarah and have Ludo and Hoggle as friends!

My Other loves in life:

  • Chocolate ~ Enough said!
  • I pad ~ I feel very protective over it & I can’t keep off it
  • Yum Yums ~ I seriously could eat these all day long
  • Chunky Rings ~ I never realised this until I looked in my Jewellery box I have tons of them!
  • Shoes ~ I’m addicted and if I had the money could probably in fact most definitely buy a pair every day!!
  • Vampire Diaries (also a soon to be true blooder)
  • Makeup & Nail Varnish ~ I could spend all day making myself up I find it so relaxing!
  • Bad Tv ~ Towie, Mic…Need I say more? Ok yeah bring back The Hills
  • Pastel Colours
  • Taking silly pictures of myself (as you have probably noticed) and making myself laugh
  • Singing out loud when no-one else is around

I could go on and on but why don’t you check out my pins I gathered of Me Myself and I on Pinterest I like to represent myself picture style too!

So what makes you lot tick?

I hope you enjoyed reading this and getting to know me a little better? The posts in Jo in Wonderland will be an eclectic collection of my thoughts, ramblings and  weekly round ups of the world of me & my pursuit of setting up my business!

Enjoy my whimsies!!

Jo xoxo